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Fran Jurga, Equus Magazine:  “When it comes to bullying, children . . . are face to face with it, and wondering how to react and how to recognize a way to avoid it . . . If we can’t protect children from it, we can arm them in advance.”   . . . more

The Quincy the Horse children’s books follow Quincy as he navigates challenges that kids will find familiar.  Quincy often has self-doubts but his willingness to get out in the world and learn new things makes each of his adventures an exciting journey.


Camille Matthews and Michelle Black are equestrians and have done just about everything with horses  . . . more

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New release, Quincy and Buck, wins Mom's Choice Gold

          and Indie Reader Discovery Awards for 2014


“Quincy was a little red horse.

His coat was the color of a new penny.”

Quincy the Horse Books

by Camille Matthews with illustrations by Michelle Black

"Horses have so much to teach us."

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